SBF production schedule remains unchanged

Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I’s (SBF GB&I) schedule for the return of Lucozade lines following a death at its factory in April remains unchanged, Better Wholesaling under­stands.

This means produc­tion will restart on most Lucozade Energy and Sport flavours in August, followed by Blucozade in September. Shop owners have told Better Wholesaling availability remains good in cash and carries.

SBF GB&I sales director Alpesh Mistry told Better Wholesaling: “We continue to produce our Lucozade flavours across Energy and Sport, which account for nearly 90% of Lucozade sales.”

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Earlier this year, SBF GB&I halted production on at least 31 Lucozade lines, including the recently launched Blucozade products, following the fatality at one of its factories.

The incident followed industrial action earlier in the year, which was also reported to have caused shortages on Lucozade and Ribena lines.

SBF GB&I launched its new Blucozade lines – Lucozade Sport Blue Force, Lucozade Energy Blue Burst, and Lucozade Alert Blue Rush – in late February this year, marking the first simultaneous launch across three Lucozade sub-brands.

Data from Better Wholesaling shows these lines have been a huge success for retailers. In the month after launch, the 500ml Blue Force and Blue Burst lines enjoyed an average rate of sale of 19 units each per store, each earning retailers average weekly profits of £28.50 each.


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