15 minutes with… Sarah Booth

Sarah Booth is commercial director at supplier Caterers Choice and MD of the business’ branded portfolio of products, Fruitypot

Better Wholesaling: What was your first ever job?

Sarah Booth: My first job was working in my mum’s coffee shop, which was a Saturday job while I was at school. I joined the family firm after completing my degree, but I started in administration to learn and understand how the business worked. This has proved to be a valuable grounding for me over the years.

BW: What does your average day involve?

SB: An average day doesn’t really exist for me, as work is so varied depending on the time of year, customer requirements and managing our head office team. One day can be spent trading tinned tomatoes, the next catching up with the team.

I may then spend the rest of the week out seeing customers or attending trade shows. Although it’s sometimes challenging, I really enjoy the many different aspects of my role.

BW: What do you take to work every day in your briefcase or handbag?

SB: I always carry the following in my bag: work notebook, iPhone and any documents that I need to have with me. Despite my best efforts, I usually also find that I’m carrying a selection of the kids’ bits and pieces around with me!

BW: What’s the best thing about working at Caterers Choice?

SB: The best thing is the excitement that comes from the variety of work and the trading environment. As a family business, we’re able to react and make decisions quickly, which means we feel in control of our own destiny.

I also love working with our fantastic team here, and growing and developing the team is very important to me.

BW: How would your colleagues describe you?

SB: This is difficult to answer, but what I hope they would say is that I’m motivated, that I am fair and that I lead by example – I’m a ‘doer’, as we say in Yorkshire.

I suspect they may also say I’m slightly demanding, but it is only ever with the best of intentions to ensure we always deliver as a business.

BW: What do you do in your spare time?

SB: For me, my spare time is all about seeing my family and friends. I have two young sons and spending time with them when not at work is very important to me.

I attend a fantastic church on a Sunday and I always try to fit in as much exercise as I can. With a hectic schedule and a young family, keeping fit and healthy is key to trying to keep a balance.

BW: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Never become complacent in business, as the minute you do, things can change!

BW: Who would play you in the film of your life?

SB: That really is a tricky question. I’ll go for Kate Hudson. She seems to work hard and is well respected. She also seems to enjoy her work and has fun doing it.

BW: Do you know any jokes?

SB: Only those my seven-year-old tells me, which aren’t always great – ‘I tried to catch fog today… mist!’

BW: What’s your approach or philosophy to work?

SB: Always work hard and never ask your team to do what you are not prepared to do yourself. Also, don’t take any business for granted – you never know what’s around the corner.


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