Red Bull launches ecommerce wholesale guide

Red Bull launches ecommerce wholesale guide

Red Bull has launched a package for the wholesale industry that will help companies increase their online presence and ecommerce offering.

The eWholesale Excellence guide is a step by step walkthrough that is designed to help wholesalers get the basics right and set-up a framework that will lead to an increase in sales.

A “fixing the basics” booklet initially gives a quick walkthrough in two focus areas: discoverability and buyability, before a second guide, “Adding value with insights”, shows how wholesalers can provide advice to their retailer customers in an engaging way.

“Virtually all online wholesalers we work with could improve their basics,” explained Lotte Tregear, head of ecommerce at Red Bull. “It therefore surprises them to learn they can experience a 30% uplift in sales just by getting the basics right.

“With our extensive experience and insights, we’ve put together this simple step by step guide. It’s designed to help you get the basics right- and to set you up for whatever the future will bring,” she added.

A third part titled “making things personal” is also set for a future release along with a fourth instalment.

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