Pricecheck launches HFSS guide for customer base


Pricecheck has launched a comprehensive guide to HFSS compliant products in order to help its customer base navigate the new legislation’s sourcing and logistics.

The guide equates to a wide range of SKUs including confectionery, snacks, and drinks, that are available to order now.  There is also a non-food version of beauty, toiletries, and household goods, all of which can fill the gaps in impulse buys traditionally dominated by confectionery.

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Darren Goldney, commercial director said: “Over the past few months our dedicated HFSS task force has been liaising with well over 100 manufacturers big and small, and getting up to speed on the legislation coming into force next year in England.”

In a bid to tackle the obesity crisis, the Government is introducing legislation to restrict promotions on HFSS products by location and price in retailers that sell food and drink in England, which comes into force in October 2022.

Goldney adds: “To help our customers think ahead, and turn challenge into opportunity, we can now confidently guide them through the process of identifying and planning relocation of non-HFSS compliant lines where possible, but critically provide a solution menu of compliant goods that adhere to regulations and can optimise front of store sales.

“We are uniquely placed, as alongside our food offering, we can supply thousands of alternative non-food impulse buys. We see ourselves as a one stop shop with a constantly evolving offer.

“Plus, complying to this new legislation is easy when choosing Pricecheck as your HFSS solution partner as customers will simply have one point of contact, which means just one order, one delivery and one invoice.”

Paul Hill
Paul Hill is the Editor of Better Wholesaling. Paul can be found on Twitter on @BW_PaulHill, or can be contacted via and 020 7689 3376.


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