Pricecheck cuts carbon emissions by 30%

Pricecheck has managed to cut its carbon emissions down by more than 30% after the company implementing changes to its buildings, processes, and equipment, with the company seeing an improvement in efficiency but a reduction in waste, costs, and energy.

This has been led by several green initiatives such as switching to electric forklifts, and recycled shrink wrap, to refining transport systems and networks. By exploring backhauling solutions with hauliers, the Sheffield-based wholesaler has shortened its travel routes and, as a result, cut its carbon footprint.

“As a fast-growing wholesaler, we are in a position where we can make a difference,” said Mark Lythe, joint managing director at Pricecheck. “Although we don’t have a manufacturer’s power to change how products are produced, or a retailer’s ability to incentivise customers, there is one area we can control – the supply chain,” he added.

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“As well as finding ways to reduce our own waste, we continue to be an alternative route to market for residual stock that could otherwise be heading for landfill. We believe that by considering more thoughtful logistics throughout our supply chain, we can help to create a greener future for wholesale.”

He concluded, “If there’s anything other businesses can learn from our experience, it’s that the small things really do add up. We’ve not done anything transformational in the past 12 months, but the simple actions we have taken have led to real, tangible change.”

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