‘Parasite’ unit boost sales by 87%

Best-One retailer Noel Conreen has seen volume sales of OTC medicines jump 87% and turnover by 160% after introducing a bespoke ‘parasite’ unit.

The figures follow Conreen’s trip on a Study Tour around some of the best independent retailers in the UK. It was during one appointment that the group, formed to help steer the future direction and strategy of Best-one, found the idea.

“We were in a store in Coventry,” says James Hall, Group Director of Symbol at Bestway. “There was a parasite unit, hooked onto a gondola end, filled with medicines. Everyone loved the concept. So we said, ‘okay, we’ll go away and source, manufacture and supply this thing’.”

Over the first 17 days of January compared to the same period in 2012 she sold 87% more in terms of the number of medicine items. “In pounds and pence, we’re up a huge 160%”, adds Conreen.

Best-One is now rolling the concept out to all its retailers whilst continuing to review the results to identify any slow sellers within the range. It is also exploring the potential to use the units for other categories.


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