Millbrook Dairy offering product development service to wholesalers

Millbrook co-founder and director Kevin Beer

The Millbrook Dairy Company is offering wholesalers a service that helps the development of new formats and flavours across the dairy category.

Specially aimed at wholesalers looking for fresh opportunity in the sector, Millbrook co-founder and director Kevin Beer, believes the demand for innovation and individualism within foodservice markets has never been stronger: “The appetite for signature products has been growing steadily over the past few years, and despite the pain experienced by operators through Covid with closures and lockdowns, this looks set to be a key component of future menu provision as the Hospitality sector opens its doors again.

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Beer added that although butter and cheese remain a basic commodity in many foodservice channels, there is still a desire for fresh thinking, and that increasingly means bespoke products which operators can put their brand on as an exclusive ingredient or ‘limited edition’ across their marketing activity.

“Our message to wholesalers and operators is very simple; ‘how can we help you with direct approaches, that you may be experiencing for new and personalised products in order to meet the need of your customers and against a backdrop of changing consumer behaviours?

“This might include signature cheeses, new and different additives, sweet or savoury flavouring, innovative formats and shapes, or just different sizes.  Our team excels in thinking outside the box and this is about exploring the ‘art of the possible’ together and sharing concepts and development that will ultimately delight the end consumer,” he concluded.

“We will work in partnership with wholesalers – or foodservice operators – to develop and bring to market the right product, at the right price, that meets their individual needs.”

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