McGee appointed TWC chairman as part of board changes

TWC Chairman McGee

TWC has announced strategic changes to its board with co-founder Mike McGee now the company’s chairman, with development director Tom Fender and Andy Donnely now investors and shareholders in the business.

Donnelly will now work closely with Fender, managing director Tanya Pepin, and the TWC team to expand the company’s service and product offerings in the wholesale, foodservice, and convenience sectors.

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Fender, who has been with TWC since 2019, expressed his joy at the opportunity to make this additional commitment to the company: “I joined TWC because I am passionate about data and the channel TWC operates in and so it was a natural fit for me.

“It’s a business that’s going places and is right at the leading edge of harnessing data and technology to drive growth and upsell.  The team’s knowledge and commitment to its customers and market channels is extraordinary”.

Donnelly previously worked with Phillip Morris International (PMI) as a strategy director for more than 30 years.

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Having worked for PMI in roles within Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australasia and Mainland Europe, Donnelly has accumulated a plethora of international experience.

Chairman of TWC, McGee commented on the new changes, “It’s great news for TWC and for our clients too. We have two highly-talented, successful individuals who bring further dynamic thinking, and proven business acumen to the make-up of our Board.”

“When such experienced and well-regarded senior industry executives decide to join your company, and invest in it too, it’s very exciting.”

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Managing director of TWC Peppin added “Tom is well known to many within the industry and is a powerful innovator and marketeer.

“Andy brings a fresh perspective from a leading brand in international markets and we know his expertise will help TWC deliver the right data and digital solutions to FMCG suppliers, retailers and wholesalers going forward.

Pepin concluded “We are clearly honoured that Mike has taken over as Chairman. Having such ‘a steady hand at the tiller’ means we know we will be cleverly steered through the next phase of our journey.”


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