Marking up potential: Carabao’s guide to the sports & energy category

Paul Hill hears what Carabao can offer the wholesale channel with its new PMP range

Carabao is a major global energy drinks brand that launched in the UK in 2016 and is known for key football sponsorships with Chelsea FC and the Carabao Cup. Carabao Energy Drinks are unique, offering fruity flavours, 60% less sugar than major rivals and just 63 calories per can. The brand has a proven track record of bringing in new shoppers and driving category growth, with 33% of Carabao buyers new to the fast-growing sports and energy drinks category.

What to stock

The Carabao range is made up of four flavours, and Carabao suggests stocking the PMP range of Original, Green Apple and Mandarin Orange flavours, as well as the new variant for 2020, Mixed Berry. This has taken the market by storm and is now the fastest-selling Carabao flavour, with its PMP version set to launch later this year.

When to stock

Carabao should be stocked all year round as customers are always seeking good value. It was the desire to deliver even better value that was behind the introduction of the 69p PMPs, which are driving impressive sales growth as customer confidence in the great value proposition continues to increase.

Where to stock

To give the best opportunity for stock to pull through any warehouse, the Carabao cans should be kept well-stocked and with the most up-to-date promotional price clearly displayed on the pallet. The new PMP and the bright colours of the cans are designed to draw the customer’s eye.

Carabao reveals PMP format

Why you should stock

Carabao is among the best value propositions in the market, with a £/ml at 69p per 330ml making it better value than competitor brands at 59p per 250ml. Not only that, but the fruity taste and low calorie content is bringing shoppers back time and time again, driving sales growth of 18% in the latest 12 weeks, hence driving retailer margins.

Products to stock


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