Lioncroft director promotes Indian trade in House of Lords speech

Lioncroft Wholesale director Dr Jason Wouhra OBE recently made a speech at the House of Lords at an event that celebrated the anniversary of Indian independence and promoted international trade between India and the UK.

Attended by more than 130 people, Dr Wouhra, who is the Chair of the West Midlands India Partnership, recognised the impact of Indian investment on British businesses and stressed the importance of building strong ties for the future success of the UK economy due to India being the world’s fifth largest economy.

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“As a British Indian, it is a very proud moment to be standing in the House of Lords at such an event, especially as it is led by our family business, Lioncroft Wholesale. We supply more than 9,000 retailers, bars, restaurant and stadia with food and beverages and we are one of the largest operators of our kind in the UK. However, we are just one of many successful British Indian businesses.”

“The Indian diaspora are 4% of the population which contribute 9% of our GDP. We are known for our entrepreneurial spirit, professional expertise and contributions to various sectors, such as food, finance, technology and healthcare,” he added. “In the first three years of the Partnership, we have seen Indian foreign direct investment into the West Midlands overtake that of the USA. This is a wonderful achievement and a sign of how the UK is deemed to be a great place to invest for Indian businesses looking to expand.”

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