LGBTQ+ consultancy launches in wholesale

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We Are Unicorn, an LGBTQ+ consultancy, has launched in the sector and claim to be offering wholesalers tailor made strategies that encourage and facilitate understanding from the ground up, with ongoing leader check-ins.

AI engineer and former developer of wholesaler online sales platforms, Jason Finch, has launched the company, and has a background in LGBTQ+ online networking and events, as well as 15 years in wholesale on the e-commerce side with Savona Foodservice.

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“It’s fantastic to see that so many businesses are keen to develop more ‘everybody friendly’ workplace cultures,” said Jason. “Many challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals at work are often unseen, such as the language used in conversations as well as formal corporate policies enforced”, he said. “By recognising and addressing these issues, we can create a more inclusive environment, attracting a diverse talent pool and improving retention rates and profits. There’s lots to review and I’m keen to help.”

Finch will be Co-Chairing the inaugural Diversity in Wholesale (DiW) conference with Women in Wholesale chairperson, Clare Bocking. “Jason knows wholesale inside out and brings a unique and refreshing perspective to the sector that will help businesses to make transformative changes.”

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