5 Things to learn from JJ Food Service

Last month, Better Wholesaling was granted exclusive access to JJ Food Service’s Enfield Headquarters in London. We met with general manager Terry Larkin to discover the things that set them apart from the competition.

No.-1-chip-week-25Membership isn’t everything

Anyone can buy from JJ Food Service, which encourages a variety of shoppers to use the depot. Even staff members can benefit from the latest deals and promotions.


No-2.-example-of-brochure-1Use data intelligently

JJ Food Service uses years of data to tailor its newsletters. The company has invested heavily in online ordering and are reaping the rewards. “Our customers tend to buy two extra items when they buy online, compared to one extra with telesales,” Terry says.


No.-3-DJI_0004Always invest in your staff and your environment

Subsidised breakfasts and free parking make up some of the perks available to JJ Food Service employees. “Recently we’ve also invested in a new bike shed, which holds up to 100 bikes. We also invested £500,000 in 960 solar panels, which produces 219,000 kWh annually,” he says.


No.4-FOODit-AppContinually look for ways to add value

In 2013 JJ Food Service launched its FoodIt app, which offers customers a personalised e-commerce platform to take online orders. “When restaurants sign up to Just Eat, all orders come through their website. With FoodIt they get a personalised website. We also offer a more competitive margin,” he says.


No-5.-Bennetts-Fish-&-ChipsFind your niche and do it well

JJ Food Service has identified fish & chip shops as a key area for it to expand. Its prevalence as a leading supplier to London’s fast food outlets has resulted in it being invited by Boris Johnson to speak at City Hall in London about healthier eating. Customers who attend will receive a 20% discount off the healthier range.


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