Knowing your spuds can help wholesalers to “maximise” sales

Branston, the UK’s leading supplier of potatoes, recently hosted a graduation event for Booker’s latest greengrocers, all of whom took part in a comprehensive greengrocer training programme.

Richard Clark, commercial director at Branston said: “Not only did the programme provide us with an opportunity to build our relationship further with Booker, it also created an excellent working platform to engage with their greengrocers and increase their fresh potato product knowledge… And when they are more knowledgeable about potatoes they can give a better service to their customers which in turn will help to maximise sales.”

Branston started supplying Booker in 2011 and became the wholesaler’s sole supplier of fresh potatoes in 2012. Branston has worked closely with the Booker team to help them improve quality and reinvigorate the range with new pack formats and distinctive free-standing display units for branches to showcase potato prepacks.

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