JJ to permanently continue B2C service

JJ Foodservice is to continue its B2C model on a permanent basis following the relaxation of lockdown measures.

Introduced during the pandemic as a stop gap, JJ Home offered the foodservice wholesaler’s range of prodcuts to households, with more than 30,000 homes supplied over the three-month period.

How JJ Foodservice has adapted during the coronavirus

However, due to its popularity it has relaunched as a permanent fixture but now with a 60% bigger product range, with customers being offered more than 500 food and drink items delivered to their doors.

“As the UK enters its fourth month of lockdown, people are adapting to new ways of life”, said chief product officer for JJ Foodservice, Sezer Ozkul. “Consumers are shopping less frequently, buying bigger packs and using more private labels to make savings. These trends are set to continue.”

JJ Invests in smaller vehicles to support B2C operation

In a recent customer survey, 93% of JJ’s household customers said that prices were competitive compared with supermarkets. 74% are families with one or more children. 75% shop every two to four weeks. 97% of customers said that they plan to shop with JJ in future and 96% would recommend JJ Foodservice to a friend.

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