JJ invests £1m in vehicle fleet

JJ Delivery Truck

To support their ongoing plans for expansion, JJ Foodservice invested over £1m in purchasing 20 delivery vehicles.

The wholesaler experienced record sales last week as the restrictions on indoor dining eased on May 17. Compared to the same time last year, customer accounts were up 32%.

The wholesaler’s head of operations, Kaan Hendekli said “There’s been a fantastic appetite for eating out again. Brits are expected to spend even more than they did in 2019, which is great news for the UK hospitality sector.”

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“Our team has been working hard to fulfil every order and we’re moving full steam ahead to help expand our support to even more UK eateries,” Hendekli added.

JJ launched a driver recruitment campaign last week to hire at least 20 new HGV drivers and encourages more women to join the industry to help solve the UK driver shortage.


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