JJ Foodservice achieves record sales

JJ record sales

Following a rise in demand, JJ Foodservice reported record sales in May 2021, with sales up 13% from May 2019.

Head of Operations, Kaan Hendekli, said: “Our team worked day and night to keep service levels and product availability high throughout the pandemic.”

“As a result, we managed to win the trust and support of more customers than ever before. Our figures are the best they’ve ever been,” he added.

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Sales in May 2021 reached a new high of £21.3m, up from £18.9m in May 2019, a 13% gain.

The wholesaler has also increased its total number of customers by 45% in May 2021 compared with May 2019.

Hendekli added, “The hard work of our team and suppliers has paid off and helped us to deliver every time.”

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