JJ Foodservice appoints 11 mental health first aiders

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To support the wellbeing of its staff, JJ Foodservice has trained 11 employees to become certified mental health first aiders.

Learning & development manager at JJ, Jaz Sandhu, said: “It’s been a tough year and our team have worked incredibly hard through unprecedented circumstances.

“We want everyone to know that if they ever need to talk – there’s a qualified person nearby who is willing to listen and help.”

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The appointed Mental Health First Aiders are:

  • Senior QA Co-ordinator (Enfield) – Jesus Holgado,
  • Learning & Development Manager (Enfield) – Jaz Sandhu
  • Office Administrator (Aston) – Rohina Upadhey
  • Office Manager (Basingstoke) – Karolina Kasperczak
  • Sales Assistant (Bristol) – Amanda Stepakova
  • Office Administrator (Dagenham) – May Zin
  • Office Administrator (Doncaster) – Mark Sheldon
  • Office Manager (Leicester) – Agnieszka Binek
  • Office Manager (Manchester) – Roya Tehrani
  • Branch Manager (Newcastle) – Onur Aslan
  • Branch Operations Assistant (Sidcup) – Nazmi Uzunov

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The foodservice also offers an Employee Assistance Programme, which is a free, confidential telephone support service. When using the service, employees can access counsellors and advisors 24/7.

The service can be used to support employees through a variety of problems, such as emotional, medical, legal and financial issues.


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