JJ Food Service introduces fully-traceable British beef and Welsh lamb

Enfield-based foodservice specialist JJ Food Service has launched a new range of fresh British beef and Welsh lamb to help restaurants, gastro-pubs and other eateries to cater for the growing requirement for fully-traceable, locally-sourced food ingredients.

Ali Guvemli, chief product officer at JJ Food Service said: “Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in where there food has come from and whether it’s free range, sustainably sourced, gluten free, animal welfare approved etc. With our new fresh meat range, we are helping restaurants and pubs to respond.”

The latest research from Red Tractor states that 90% of consumers say it is important to support British producers when doing the weekly grocery shop, while 84% would actually choose to buy a food product because it is produced in the UK. “These shopping habits don’t change when you eat out”, says Guvemli.

JJ’s new British beef range is sourced from within the Rose County area of Lancashire and the cuts available include topside beef, rump tail, flank steak and rib eye steak. All the meats are EBLEX-approved, Red Tractor Approved, Farm Quality Assured and are fully traceable back to the individual producer.

The new Welsh lamb range has the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) stamp, which assures consumers that lambs are born and reared in Wales, are fully traceable and that the suppliers are compliant with government regulations on the transportation and slaughter of livestock.

The beef and lamb products are supplied by a leading meat processor and are available in JJ’s Enfield, Sidcup, Basingstoke, Doncaster and Bristol branches and follow the announcement earlier this month that JJ is broadening its customer base to gastro-pubs, restaurants and hotels.

For more information call 08433 09 09 91 or to order online visit www.jjfoodservice.com


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