JJ Food Service launches ordering app

JJ Food Service app

JJ Food Service has launched a new app to make ordering easier for its customers.

The JJ Food Service app app makes suggestions based on previous shopping habits, which allows customers to order quicker. It can also predict what customers need to order and is available on android phones, iPhone and tablets.

Mushtaque Ahmed, chief operating officer at JJ Food Service, said: “Running a restaurant is a demanding job and our customers are busy people, so we’ve gone to great lengths to help them.”

Meanwhile, a different app has been developed for its drivers, which replaces the hand-held devices used previously.

Bluetooth sensors have been also been added to the multi-temperature vehicles that enables the business to track real-time data from the phones.

“We are reshaping the way food distribution works, giving our customers more time to better serve their customers,” said Ahmed.


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