JJ Food Service sets target of 20% female warehouse staff by 2018

JJ Food Service has set a target to employ at least 20% female warehouse staff by 2018 to help promote careers within the business to a greater diversity of talent.

JJ HQ branch manager Sedat Kaan Hendekli, said: “At the start of the year we had a mainly male workforce in the Enfield warehouse. Six months later, 8% of the team is female, and it’s still growing.” He added that the flexibility of shift patterns has been a real driving force, with female workers even recommending roles to friends.

JJ Foodservice sets target of 20% female warehouse staff by 2018
JJ sets target of 20% female warehouse staff by 2018

Women also have a positive impact on other staff in the warehouse, according to Hendekli. “Too much testosterone can be a challenge in any working environment”, he said. “Our female employees are hardworking, honest and trustworthy – they set an excellent example for everyone and fit well into our warehouse team. We are actively encouraging and progressing more female applicants.”

As a result of the increased interest, JJ is hopeful of appointing its first female branch manager: “Many of our managers started in warehouse roles learning the job from the ground up. By broadening our talent pool from the bottom, we are more likely to progress women into senior level positions, which will no doubt have a positive impact across the business,” added Hendekli.


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