Interview: Bestway on its work within technology

Dawood Pervez is the managing director at Bestway Wholesale

How has Bestway changed from a technological perspective, what it has achieved, and why we did it?

Over the last year, Bestway has invested and improved across the breadth of the business regarding technology. We are the market leader in digital developments, including being the first in the industry to introduce our bespoke apps for Bestway Wholesale, BB Foodservice and Best-Pets. We continue to invest and drive digital developments.

We most recently entered a partnership with Jisp, the mobile shopping platform, which works with our retailers to support their local communities by providing Home Delivery and Click & Collect services.

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Regarding our customer data, we are now using tools such as Content Square to provide deeper insights. These tools help us understand hidden customer behaviours. We are using these insights to drive more successful experiences.

We have also introduced Taggstar, a real-time social proof messaging vehicle. Taggstar allows us to build customer confidence, enabling customers to make more informed choices using real-time analytics and allowing us advanced A/B testing.

We have a new online tool: Digital Toolbox, developed in partnership with Red Bull. Digital Toolbox is designed to help our retailers grow their category sales with insights, personalised planograms, store walkthroughs and a fair share calculator.

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Last year, we switched search provider to work with a partner with an advanced AI-Powered Commerce Search. Our new search provider has helped us create a more relevant and personalised experience; that allows more accurate conversions and a more enhanced customer journey.

We have also invested in an advanced email platform that forms part of our omnichannel marketing, with features to reach KPIs in a more targeted way.

We have also focused on improving our internal marketing, trialling a new automated direct mail process. We are replacing plastic envelopes with recycled paper wrap envelopes, which not only improves efficiencies and improved our CSR credentials and costs but also provides us with a new advertising vehicle.”

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