Hunt’s reduces vehicle emissions by 76% after biofuel switch

Hunt’s Food Group has reduced its vehicle commissions by 76% after switching to biofuel to power its delivery fleet, as part of an overall strategy to achieve carbon net-zero status by 2025

The biofuel is made with 100% renewable raw materials such as vegetable waste and used cooking oil which reduces carbon emissions and is one of the cleanest and most advanced renewable fuels available.

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“We are excited to be one of the first in our industry to be efficiently using a clean, renewable fuel to power our fleet,” said Phil Hopkins, transport director. “Not only does it help make our daily operations as a business cleaner, but in turn with the soaring cost of fossil fuels like diesel it will help to keep prices down for our customers.”

“We are looking forward to trialling fully electric delivery trucks in the future and implementing new technology to reduce our emissions and achieve our environmental commitments.”

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