Gold Star’s move forward

Gold Star, the London-based wholesaler, is fast expanding as a delivered wholesaler.

Vijay Thanwani, MD Gold Star explains how this initiative is carefully thought out and successfully trialled over the past 18 months, and is an integral part of his vision and long-term plans set from the outset in 2011, when he launched the company.

Reaching over 500 customers in Central London is a challenge. On the one hand it provides Gold Star’s customers a solution they welcome, and on the other hand it provides suppliers a great opportunity to partner with Gold Star, a channel for effective acquisition of shelf and brand presence, reach and penetration too. Most suppliers are very supportive and Vijay invites the rest to join hands.

This strategic move is an investment in anticipating evolving customer needs and satisfying them; matched with investment in a field sales force, Sales Manager, Business Development Managers (BDMs), and Sales Executives, a fleet of vehicles and Sanderson’s CRM and Business Intelligence software.

When quizzed on customer reaction, Vijay says: “Our customer response is overwhelming. They are pleased that this initiative now liberates them as Independents to fully concentrate on their own businesses and customers and not on time lost on the busy roads and traffic jams. Our customers see this as a cost saver – a huge bonus. Inspired by customer feedback and encouraged by trial results it presents a huge opportunity – a great way forward to serve customers.”

He sums it up to customers by saying “You Order, We Deliver.”


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