Birchall Foodservice seek to educate customers about gluten-free

gluten-free cooking demo

Lancashire-based foodservice company Birchall Foodservice has organised the first in a series of gluten-free workshops in order to help educate its customers about the topic.

The forward-thinking family business invited customers from Stafford, Newcastle and various parts of the north to attend the event at its HQ, which saw five suppliers showcasing their range.

The day also included a cookery demonstration by Birchall Foodservice’s development chef Paul Dickson.

Company MD Justin Birchall said: “The demand for gluten-free products has seen a dramatic rise in recent years and chefs want advice and recipe inspiration to help them to cater for the growing numbers of diners who are following a gluten-free diet.

“We are extremely fortunate to have the space and facilities in our new building to accommodate events like this and it was a huge success for everybody involved. We have received fantastic feedback from customers and suppliers alike.”


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