FWD launches petition calling for government financial support

The FWD has launched a petition asking the Government to grant food and drink wholesalers bespoke financial support.

The petition reads: “Food and drink wholesalers are crucial to supplying hospitals, care homes and schools and are a lifeline for vulnerable communities. They are also integral to the post-pandemic economic restart. Despite this, they have been excluded from much Government support and face sector-wide closures.

With no customers and no cash there’s no support for foodservice wholesalers who will be needed very soon to revive the hospitality industry.

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Bespoke financial support packages must be offered by Government now.

FWD chief executive says: “In a few weeks’ time the Government is going to ask the UK’s foodservice wholesalers to reopen the hospitality sector. It will need them to stock up in advance so that restaurants, pubs, cafes and leisure facilities can come out of hibernation and revive the out-of-home economy. But that won’t be possible unless the Treasury invests in food distribution.

“Having had no Government support through nearly a year of lockdowns and restrictions, and having traded at a loss all that time to supply hospitals, care homes and schools, these wholesalers have no money left and some are on the brink of collapse. With no cash or credit insurance, they can’t buy the food the Government wants them to distribute or provide the service and support their customers will need as they return. There’s no way back for hospitality without its wholesalers, and there’s no hospitality wholesalers without immediate support,” he added.

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