An online ordering platform is aiming to help wholesalers keep up with the latest e-commerce technologies and simplify their sales processes.

443 AI has been developed by industry expert Jason Finch, who has also created a financial programme that writes off costs for small and medium-sized wholesalers.

Once set up, it can be tailored to the company’s individual needs and then integrates with the wholesaler’s resource planning, stock checking and pricing.

Finch said: “With the wholesale industry evolving and customers’ needs changing, it’s important for companies to have an effective online platform that operators can use to engage with their customers and drive sales.”

“Wholesalers not prepared to embrace the online opportunity know that they’ll be left behind, but for many, the capital cost of set-up is the biggest barrier – and that is why we’ve created a financial programme that strips out that initial outlay,” he added.

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