Foodservice helps Spar UK grow retail sales by 8.5%

SPAR UK grows retail sales by 8.5% in 2016
SPAR UK grows retail sales by 8.5% in 2016

A strong focus on foodservice has contributed to Spar UK’s retail sales figure rising by 8.5% to £2.84bn in 2016.

Spar UK added 186 new stores last year to bring numbers to 2,620, with a total retail area of 371,189 m2, and sales per m2 up by 4.2%. These results see Spar UK land in third position in Spar International’s global retail sales.

Debbie Robinson, Spar managing director, said: “Spar is in a fantastic financial position, proving to be a strong, stable long-term partner to both our retailers and international colleagues. We continue to take a more personal approach with our customers ensuring we have the right products and services.”

Spar’s success is down to its wide range of customer-focused initiatives, added Robinson, adding that it has also boosted its digital advertising and targeted its promotions at younger shoppers.


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