Foodservice members the main concern for FWD

The Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD)’s members that operate solely in the foodservice market are the main concern for the association and an integral part of its engagement with government, as it appeals for extra measures to help them get through the next few months.

Chief executive James Bielby explained that while convenience wholesalers have been rushed off their feet meeting consumers’ unpredictable behaviour, foodservice members of FWD have seen their business grind to a halt. “For the members that serve both retail and foodservice, they can shift resources internally, for the pure foodservice distributors, no customers means no cash and nowhere to go. This is the section of membership that we’re most concerned about.”

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“There’s guidance coming out of Whitehall at tremendous pace, which isn’t always clear and concise or even correct initially. We need to interpret it and identify the parts that apply to our members. Members then ask questions and make suggestions, and we pass those back to the officials,” he added.

As well as talking to government, Bielby also pointed out that the FWD is continually talking to, and supporting its members through a WhatsApp group of more than 200 wholesalers.

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