Five specialist wholesalers form consolidated delivery service

A specialist hospitality group has been formed that brings together five specialist wholesalers, which will now offer a consolidated delivery service for fresh produce and ingredients.

Fresh Direct, M&J Seafood, Freshfayre, Wild Harvest and KFF have joined together to form the Sysco Speciality Group, with chief executive Raj Tugnait believing that it offers a unique new proposition for hospitality operators.

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“Many customers are requesting consolidated deliveries of specialist fresh produce and ingredients, so by bringing these five businesses together customers will enjoy all the benefits of receiving their fresh fish, fresh produce, and speciality ingredients in one single delivery.

“In addition, they will benefit from improved efficiency, cost savings and expertise, without having to compromise on quality, range, specialist service or expertise. This innovative solution will also protect the environment through fewer deliveries”, he said.

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“With the backing of Sysco, the world’s global leader in foodservice, we have invested significantly in increased stock levels to ensure product availability, as well as technology, logistics and infrastructure.

“Whether it’s the bespoke preparation of fresh fruit and veg, sauces and condiments in our ‘Fresh Kitchen’ facility, or fresh meat and fish filleted to their own unique specification, we continue to support some of the UK’s leading foodservice brands – from independents to large groups – by helping them to navigate their way through the many new challenges they face, such as accurately predicting volumes, and the industry wide staff and skills shortages,” he added.


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