Epicurium recruiting snack tasters for new range

Epicurium is currently recruiting for ‘snacking connoisseurs’ who will work alongside the snack wholesaler’s team to taste-test upcoming products and curate the perfect snack selection.

The tasters will be working independently and use critical thinking to identify the nuances that make a snack.

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Ben McKechnie, managing director at Epicurium, who oversees product selection at the company said: “It’s time to break the monotony of boring, repetitive snacking and instead give the limelight to snacks we know can handle the pace. Gone are the days of bland, soggy crisps and dry breakfast bars which taste like chomping on cardboard, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Come and help us develop the next generation of snack testers to find products that will banish boring snacks once and for all.”

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