E-commerce advice column- Ferrero

Andy Edwards is the Business Unit Controller – Wholesale of Ferrero

“Our recent research, in collaboration with Better Wholesaling, has revealed that 31% of wholesalers surveyed are not currently sharing insight and data with suppliers; with only 15% saying they take a fully transparent approach. Being able to differentiate between online and in-depot sales allows suppliers to understand the impact online media, optimised imagery and app- or web-focused activations have on online sales. Ultimately, it can help suppliers understand where support is required and where money needs to be spent.

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“We know that online sales accelerated during Covid-19, but 85% of wholesalers surveyed agreed online ordering has increased in the past year – showcasing the continued opportunity. We note, though, that over half (57%) of wholesalers who plan to develop their e-commerce strategy beyond the next 12 months also believe it will only grow with the right support. At Ferrero, wholesale is a key part of our business and we’re ready to offer the support our customers need. Data transparency is crucial in unlocking online opportunity and can help us see which of our products perform best online, which may differ to what we see in-depot. The more information suppliers can gain from wholesalers, the better they can plan ahead and put steps in place to help ensure e-commerce in the channel goes from strength to strength.

“Particularly in the current climate, we want to work with our customers to explore future opportunities together. Wherever wholesalers are on their e-commerce journey, we welcome and embrace data transparency.”


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