Drinks wholesaler Matthew Clark offers customers digital menus on tablets

Leading drinks wholesaler Matthew Clark is now offer customers digital menus for tablets with the use of an app that is expected to remove the expensive process of reprinting and updating paper menus.

The  technology created by iRiS is a multilingual app which works on Android and iOS, and is made up of three components which include a wine, bar and food menu and can be used for events promotion amongst other services.  The app is controlled from an intelligent Content Management System which staff can easily operate. The design allows diners to navigate through all areas of the wine & drinks lists.

Ben Taylor, retail marketing manager of Matthew Clark said ‘We know that the average on trade wine consumer in the UK wants a better quality product but doesn’t necessarily have the knowledge to negate the risk of trading up past the entry level offering. The app allows us to deliver multiple layers of information about our wines, intuitively, across various media’s at the point of purchase. This gives the consumer as much detail as they need to make an informed decision, fully considering all of the options available to them, increasing the chances of a positive on trade wine experience’

The iRiS digital menus have already proved successful with user feedback and increases in wine and beverage revenue being impressive.  Restaurants have typically seen around 19% uplift in wine sales and some 100% increase in premium wine sales.

For more information email matthewclark@thisisphipps.com



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