Diwali category guide

John Silcox reveals the must-stock products wholesalers need for Diwali 

Diwali is celebrated by 1.2 million people in the UK and has the potential to deliver over £9m at retail value according to AG Barr figures, which presents a significant profit opportunity for wholesalers and retailers. Although it is a Hindu holiday, this festivity is increasingly being celebrated for non-religious reasons by people who enjoy ethnic food and drink.


Large pack sizes are important for families


James Logan, commercial director at Refresco Gerber thinks the first key to assuring success during this period is by offering exotic produce. He says: “Diwali is a key calendar event for juice brand Sunpride, which includes a number of ‘exotic’ flavours such as Tropical, Mango, Apple & Lychee, Grape, Raspberry & Guava, and Pineapple & Coconut, which appeal to different ethnic groups. During events such as Diwali and Ramadan, Sunpride Tropical sales can increase by nearly 80%, offering real sales opportunities for wholesalers and independent retailers.”

Adrian Troy of AG Barr believes that choosing the right size offerings plays a key factor in assuring Diwali sales success. He says: “Large pack sizes are particularly important during the Diwali period to cater for families gathering together to celebrate. Our exotic juice drink brands Rubicon and Sun Exotic are celebrating Diwali with special promotional packs supported by TV advertising this year.”


1.2m people celebrate Diwali in the UK, with potentially £9m in sales


But Diwali is not only a good time to sell additional drinks, says Nigel Parrott, head of Tiger Tiger. He adds: “The growth in international travel has resulted inconsumers developing their palates with more discerning tastes, seeking more authentic experiences with bolder flavours. Thus, wholesalers, retailers and foodservice customers are likely to benefit from stocking Indian food products around Diwali time, such as those offered by Tiger Tiger, whose Quick Cook Indian Sauces have been created in close conjunction with recipe and spice experts in India itself.” 


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