Dangerous threats – and golden opportunities

In this month’s issue of Better Wholesaling, we have focused concertedly on foodservice – on the opportunities and threats facing wholesalers in taking on a profitable and, in some cases, untapped market.

In the past, the cost sector might have seemed like too much hassle, but there are now definite gains to be made – in our cover story, Elit Rowland explores how free school meals and public spending cuts have created a golden opportunity for competitively priced wholesalers.

One group firmly on top of catering is Booker Wholesale. In this issue, MD Guy Farrant takes us on a tour of the group’s recently refurbished Watford branch – it is fascinating to learn how Booker is encouraging depots to embrace individuality and that a ‘good-better-best’ approach to ranging is no longer enough to satisfy all customers.

There are also plenty of challenges ahead. Fairway Foodservice boss Chris Binge highlights the dangers for wholesalers if the ‘big brands’ don’t get serious about changes to food labelling rules. With the industry largely unprepared for the ‘allergen revolution’, there could be harsh lessons in store unless wholesalers and suppliers start working together – and soon.

Elsewhere, Mike McGee confronts three ‘wholesale myths’ and asks if you know a valuable customer when you see one, and Stefan Appleby looks at the illicit tobacco landscape and why next year’s wholesaler registration scheme is needed more than ever.

I hope you enjoy this issue and that you will use it to help grow your sales and profits.

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