Customers don’t just want value, they want food to have a “British feel” says SOS

This week, we visited Today’s Group and Sugro member Special Offer Supplies (SOS), also known as ‘the men in green’. One of the first questions I asked Neil Heseltine, general manager (right) and Mark Beckett, partner (left) was “what’s with the green shirts?”

Neil told me, “We go to a lot of trade shows and wearing bright colours helps us to stand out.” At their first-ever trade show, the boys wore high-visibility vests to make sure they were noticed, “But we ended up getting asked to empty the bins!” said Neil.

After that, they decided to stick with the colour but smarten it up.

In a forthcoming issue of Better Wholesaling, SOS reveals what people are looking for from their discounter. Apparently, it’s not just about low-cost any more. “Aldi has the right approach – it recognises that people don’t just want value – they also want their food to have a ‘British’ feel.”

He added, “People don’t necessarily want a Madeleine – they want a muffin; they don’t want exotic tea – they want Yorkshire; and they certainly don’t want foreign biscuits – it’s got to be a Digestive.”

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