Cif Pro Formula Anti-Bac & Shine Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes

Pro Formula is your guide to powerful cleaning. Unilever and Diversey come together to give you Pro Formula, a complete range of ready to use professional cleaning products, paired with trusted Unilever brands. The range is specifically developed for your professional cleaning needs, and comes with free online cleaning & HACCP guides, helping you meet hygiene standards.

A new launch in the Pro Formula product range is the Cif Anti-Bac & Shine Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes, which are ideal for a quick but powerful clean and disinfection of most hard surfaces removing visible and invisible dirt all around your business.

These wipes are a convenient and quick solution to help you keep on top of those hard to reach but important surfaces such as light switches, remote controls, door handles and waste bins, with easy and quick disposal afterwards. Also suitable for all other washable hard surface areas such as sinks, cookers, fridges, washrooms, toilets, table & chairs. As these are ready to use, no training is needed for staff which is ideal for businesses whose staff carry out their own cleaning and want them to be able to clean quickly in between shifts and at quieter parts of their shifts.

The wipe substrate itself is made from no-plastic, 100% viscose, which is biodegradable and designed to soften, detach and lift dirt quickly whilst leaving behind a fresh fragrance.
Benefits of these wipes include:
·       Kills 99.9% of bacteria and enveloped viruses
·       100% biodegradable wipe material
·       Hygienic, convenient & disposable
·       Large re-sealable pack for professional use
·       Fresh fragrance
·       Ready to use cleaning “on the go” for those hard to reach surfaces

The wipes can easily be disposed of after using and because they are biodegradable you will not feel guilty throwing them in the bin once used. Also, with the quick disposability of them, it reduces cross-contamination of surfaces.

These are sold in cases of 4 packs, with each pack containing 100 wipes.


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