Breakfast market presenting huge opportunity for wholesalers, Delifrance reports

Almost one in four of UK consumers now eat breakfast more frequently and 24% of consumers are now eating breakfast OOH during the week, according to Delifrance’s new breakfast report.

‘Prove it: unlocking the opportunities in the occasion’ from Delifrance reveals the latest breakfast trends and key drivers for OOH breakfast diners, and highlights how foodservice wholesalers and their customers can adapt their offering and operations, attracting and retaining consumers.

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Reflecting overarching trends that emerged during the pandemic, weekday breakfasts have a strong focus on health, with cereal, toast and oat-based breakfasts as the top three choices. At the weekends, however, one in four consumers select breakfasts because they feel like a treat, (vs. less than one in ten in the week), leading more to indulge in cooked breakfasts, pastries, pancakes or hot sandwiches.

Stéphanie Brillouet, marketing director for Northern Europe and North America at Délifrance, said: “We reported on the Breakfast and Brunch market in 2018, but so much has changed over the last few years, we were keen to get a fresh snapshot of the market, so we could see how it has evolved.

The great news is that almost twice as many people are eating breakfast OOH more than once a week, when compared to 2018, so the market is well and truly picking up. The goal for food operators in the current environment will be revising their menus to provide cost-effective breakfasts that meet diverse consumer needs.

The report can be read here

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