Brakes top 10 foodservice opportunities

Brakes CEO Ken McMeikan outlines the top 10 opportunities for wholesalers in the foodservice industry

  1. Casual dining – quality ingredients and foods that can’t be cooked at home
  2. Café – daytime snacking and the informal meeting market
  3. Schools – free school meals
  4. The elderly – a growing market with special dietary needs
  5. Nutritional value and disclosure – health and wellbeing benefits increasingly sought after
  6. Food intolerances – people don’t want restricted diets
  7. Traceability and provenance (an increasing interest in product stories)
  8. Chefs don’t want ready meals but they do want to save labour
  9. Internationalism (such as Pankow breadcrumbs and buttermilk)
  10. Breakfast (a demand for more healthy breakfast options)

Click here to see what he had to say at last month’s FWD conference.


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