Brakes relaunches online ordering platform


Brakes has relaunched its new online ordering platform, aiming to make online ordering faster and easier for its customers.

The launch follows research into operators’ expectations when ordering online, resulting in three major changes:

  • Technological upgrade to dramatically improve the speed and performance of the website
  • Brand new user-friendly design and interface to make it easier for customers to browse products, find product information and place orders
  • New intelligent search function to improve accuracy of search results, helping customers to easily find the most relevant products for their needs

Ross Anderson, Head of Ecommerce, says: “At Brakes, we pride ourselves on being able to offer product solutions to meet the needs of our customers, whether they cater to hospitals or high-end restaurants. The relaunch of the online ordering platform will make it easier and quicker for our customers to identify and source the right products for the needs of their business, leaving more time to focus on other areas.

“The update, along with the ability to order on a range of devices 24 hours a day, and even amend orders once they have been placed, is all geared towards providing a better, more flexible online experience that is tailored to our customers needs. We’ve had great feedback from customers on the new ordering system.”

The Smart Money: Better Wholesaling looks at some of the key considerations that need to be made when providing online ordering.


  1. It is cool to see that car companies like this are making a push to use technology to make their ordering process better. This not only helps the company make money faster, but it also makes it better for customers to get their merchandise faster. I’m grateful to live in a time of amazing technology that allows us to do this and make the most products like this.


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