Brakes introduces slow-cooked meats with Michelin-starred chef Mark Sargeant

Brakes launched its series of live cooking events today in conjunction with Michelin-starred chef Mark Sargeant.

Introducing its new line of slow-cooked meats, including hearty favourites slow-cooked featherblade of beef and orange wood smoked maple pork belly, Sargeant showcased his master techniques on how to create the perfect, restaurant-worthy dish.

Inspiration behind slow-cooked meats comes after increased interest in world foods, particularly from America, where slow-cooked products have continued to gain momentum, with the food trend now dominating the UK and American markets.

Louise Hatch, category manager at Brakes, said: “The total [slow-cooked meat] UK market is worth £168m, and Mintel’s GNPD revealed that from Sept 2015 to August 2016, products that included the words ‘slow’ in the description grew by almost 214%.”

Slow-cooked also remains fifth in the top 10 most common cooking methods on menus for the second year in a row, according to the Menu & Foods Trends Report 2017.

Hatch also shared insight into what is driving the growth in slow-cooking, how it is evolving, and its benefits to caterers.

Here are the six key consumer trends discussed, which also tie in with Trend Bible MD Joanna Feeley’s presentation at this year’s Better Wholesaling Summit:

  1. Soothing comforts
    Think foods that offer familiarity, are nostalgic and gluttonous
  2. Renovating the run of the mill
    Making every meal occasion special – adding a point of difference is key, whether that is through flavour, cut of meat or the overall environment
  3. Captivating cuisine
    The Food People found that from 2017 and going into 2018, American-style items have the highest mass-market appeal, and have the highest evidence of trendsetting influence within the UK.
  4. Story time
    Tales, meaning and personal connection with foods are key – it’s about provenance, length of cook, and added extras
  5. Feel the flavour
    Smokey and woody meats, bitter-sweet vegetables and herby additions (such as coriander) are a key trend
  6. Meatilicious
    Meats such as beef have overtaken chicken as the largest mains segment, according to the MCA Menu & Food Trends Report 2017

Inspired? You can catch more top trends tips from the aforementioned Feeley in August’s issue of Better Wholesaling. 


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