Blakemore Logistics invests in distribution fleet

Blakemore Logistics Invests in Distribution Fleet
Blakemore Logistics Invests in Distribution Fleet

Blakemore Logistics has announced an investment in its distribution fleet as part of an ongoing vehicle replacement programme.

The business has acquired 22 new Globetrotter tractor units to replace some of the older vehicles at its Willenhall distribution premises.

The new vehicles include safety cameras and cycle-safety features, as well as Blue Tree tracking systems to aid fuel management, driver performance, communication and navigation.

Averaging 10.7 miles per gallon, the tractor units are 10% more fuel efficient than those they have replaced.

Blakemore’s compliance manager Dave Higgs, said: “The company is committed to responsible business practice, and these new tractor units not only offer improved fuel efficiency to minimise our environmental impact, but also the latest technology to maximise driver and road user safety.”


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