The Big Buyers: Acorn

Managing director for Acorn, Philip Jenkins, talks about how Acorn can help the future stars of wholesale.

Why was Acorn formed?

Acorn Buying & Marketing operates a central distribution system giving wholesalers access to 2000 products. It was formed to provide a stepping stone for wholesale businesses wanting to develop in the impulse category but that were unable to do so due to scale. We help our members to develop accounts with suppliers and provide them with promotions to develop business with those suppliers.

Fast facts

£126m group turnover

18 members

6,000 grocery, chilled & frozen SKUs

100% of over-rider earnings recieved by members

40 member applications now being processed

What is the relationship between Sugro and Acorn?

The whole initiative is underpinned administratively and commercially by the strength and experience of Sugro.

Members can also operate Sugro promotions through the central distribution system, which helps to grow volume and create open account status with a broader range of suppliers.

Is there a membership fee? 

We do not charge a membership fee to these wholesalers. It’s a growing ground for the future stars of our industry so we don’t hold back their development through excessive fees or retentions. Using members for extra income is just not providing the help they require.

What particular type of wholesaler would Acorn appeal to? 

There are many wholesalers in the developmental stage of their business that require the strength and support of a buying and marketing group. They need the group to ensure full participation in the best available promotional structures, without deducting any over-riders, and to provide central support structures and commercial development for their businesses.

In addition, there is the payment of all monies available for their businesses every two weeks because cash is important these days. We are currently processing 40 member applications and will soon be moving into the second phase of recruitment.

What inspired you to develop Acorn?

We felt there was an opportunity to introduce into the UK a strategic initiative that provides 100% of all over-rider earnings paid out to its members and that has one membership fee, with no additional costs or hidden deductions, allowing them to compete head-to-head in what is a competitive marketplace.

We believe this is an exciting opportunity for any wholesaler that wants to grow its business and improve overall turnover and profitability with the effective use of a strong over-rider and promotional platform backed with the experience of Sugro.


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