Bidfresh reveals its 2023 fresh food trends for foodservice

Bidfresh’s recent Fresh Food Trends Report 2023 has put a spotlight on the ways the sector is using high quality produce to raise its menu game and persuade cash-strapped consumers to dine out.

The report has been created to help support chefs and operators in planning for the year ahead. It has been compiled using exclusive sales data from Bidfresh’s specialist businesses who supply thousands of chefs throughout Britain each day.

Across the three businesses, the key trends identified are:

Nose to tail: Particularly relevant for fresh meat, across all sectors of the hospitality industry, chefs are working harder than ever to use every part possible of the produce they buy, reducing food waste and supporting sustainability, as well as making the most of budgets.
Managing costs: We find ourselves in challenging times not only when trying to make margin on menus, but with labour shortages and spending pressures all continuing to put strain on the industry. To help manage these challenges, chefs are utilising their knowledge and skills, using meats that can be slow cooked and versatile smart swap ingredients.
Sustainability: Despite the pressures on eating out budgets, consumers are still wanting sustainably sourced food, and chefs are committed to protecting food resources. Reducing waste to not only support sustainability but also help improve costs, and sourcing locally to reduce food miles  are amongst some of the measures both chefs and consumers are taking to remain green.
British food: We’ve had Brexit, Covid-19 and now pressures on supply due to the unrest in Ukraine and unprecedented weather conditions across Europe last year. So it’s no surprise that there is more focus than ever on the challenges and opportunities facing British food producers, and how consumers can look for opportunities to support British farmers and growers.
Wow factor: That something special. Consumers want meals that feature produce, flavours and styles that go beyond what they prepare at home and give them that sense of occasion and value for money.
Social media friendly: An important part of the wow factor is ensuring that dishes look fabulous enough to star on social media. The more buzz you receive on social media, the more opportunities to entice those customers who have noticed you whilst scrolling through their feeds!
Takeaway and delivery: This is a trend that jumped back into action during the pandemic, however in this new way of living consumers continue to embrace and enjoy that same level of flexibility, sometimes choosing to order restaurant-quality food to eat at home. Having a menu feature dishes adapted for takeaway and delivery options continues to be popular.

Readers can get a copy of The Fresh Food Trends Report 2023 by signing up to the mailing list on any of the fresh specialists websites,, or,  or by visiting Bidfresh’s website directly:

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