Bidfood unveils pub kitchen guide to customers

Bidfood has released a pub kitchen guide for foodservice outlets where it reveals how focusing on premiumisation and adding value will attract more customers and encourage spend.

More than 600 pubs permanently shut their doors in 2023, resulting in a 10.4% drop in sites since March 2020.[1] As well as having to operate in a tricky market, still recovering from the pandemic, pubs must adapt constantly to meet the ever-changing demands they face from consumers.

Featuring insight and advice from Bidfood’s Culinary Development Chefs, ‘Unleashing your menu’s potential’ provides a guide for pub operators with tips on how to leverage the premiumisation trend, to the small tweaks and special touches they can make to stand out from the crowd.

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Joe Angliss, head of customer marketing at Bidfood said: “Entering into the new year, we know that pubs will be thinking about how they can bring something new to the table for their customers. It’s one of the reasons why the Pub Kitchen Club has been revamped in line with this launch, to inspire our customers.

“We’ve seen a big growth in competitive socialising over the last year and that’s why we have put together insight and advice on how to take advantage of what is a great opportunity. The fantastic input from Brewhouse and Kitchen provides an additional layer of support and insight for our customers. So whether you’re a Pub Manager, Owner or Chef, you have access to support from people working in the same sector,” he added.

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