What does technology mean to you? Is it just a necessary cost of doing business? Or do you believe it has the power to transform wholesale and unlock hidden growth?

Some of the greatest stories of disruption in recent times have hinged on technology – taxi firm Uber, takeaway service Just Eat, and Facebook have all been game changers. Internet giant Amazon is looking to take a bite out of the food and drink mar­ket, but the innovators in our industry are not panicking. They know technology offers a vast opportunity to grow market share and transform the way we do business forever.

That is why on July 13 in Birmingham we are holding the first ever Better Wholesaling Summit – dedicated to technol­ogy. Our independent research, carried out last year, revealed the top ambition for wholesalers in 2016 is to use technology more effectively.

Our summit will see experts from both inside and outside the wholesale industry rigorously debating how you can use technol­ogy to work smarter. This means asking how can you improve the way you communicate with and sell to your customers? How you can drive operational efficiency, and how you can better use data? Crucially we will examine how technology is shaping the future and how you can use it to grow sales like Uber, Just Eat and Amazon have all done.

The big question facing wholesalers right now is: “Should I be the one to disrupt my own business?” Because if you don’t some­body else will. To find out more about the Better Wholesaling Summit please get in touch with Better Wholesaling editor Tan Parsons at tan.parsons@newtrade.co.uk.



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