Bestway launches Whatsapp Business service to customer base

Bestway Wholesale is now offering’s Whatsapp Business to its retail and foodservice customers, with the specialised service offering personalised deals, video advertising, latest brochures, new products, services, and news for each regional area.
This new service had a soft launch at Bestway’s annual Thank You event across all 57 depots at the beginning of the year, with a few thousand customers choosing to opt-in in the first two weeks.

Dawood Pervez, managing director at Bestway Wholesale, said: “We continue to lead to drive through digital and are at the forefront of investments in digital and innovative technology and revolutionise how we target, engage and share information with our customers.

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The B2B WhatsApp integration allows us to communicate directly to our customers to share personalised offers and promotions. This allows us to strengthen visibility on products, promotions, and services we offer. More businesses are relying on innovative technology with the use of apps to reach customers such as WhatsApp as a communication business tool, and Bestway believes that communicating to customers directly strengthens our relationship to provide tailored messages that they can easily access for the latest updates of the business,” he added. chief executive Rob Mannion added: “The use of WhatsApp Business API technology is a game changer for wholesalers – and we’re delighted to work with Bestway on the first national roll out of the technology in the sector.

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