Bestway Batleys Foodservice in good health

August saw a number of new contract wins for Bestway Batleys Foodservice as the division continues to gain significant business among local authorities.

Nottingham NHS has entrusted BBF to supply eight of its NHS sites with a range of drinks, snacks and confectionery while Burton NHS has also appointed BBF to supply a range of products including confectionery, ambient catering and chilled to a large hospital with twice weekly deliveries.

Rotherham Council has also struck a deal with the company to deliver its ambient catering, soft drinks, snacks and confectionery needs to twelve sites in the area.

Steve Irons, senior contracts manager at Bestway Batleys Foodservice insists the group is now reaping the rewards for all the hard work put in over the last six months saying, “You have to remember that although BBF has immense buying power and an excellent logistical framework, the company is still a relatively new national player in foodservice. These new accounts were previously serviced by some of the biggest names in foodservice and our success in winning these tenders proves that we are now a major player with great credentials in purchasing, delivery and service, and yet have the flexibility to serve customer’s bespoke needs.

“For example, the contract for the eight Nottingham NHS sites includes the supply of over 1,000 different products which is a testament to the depth of range we can offer customers. This availability, coupled with our fantastic pricing structure and commercial acumen, demonstrates to customers that we can not only offer them the highest levels of service but also have a tangible effect on the success of their business.”


Although the group cannot divulge the value of each account, the new wins will be worth over £2m to the company.


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