Bestway Batleys Foodservice wins contract to supply Midlothian Council

Bestway Batleys Foodservice (BBF) has won the contract to supply Midlothian Council with all its ambient, chilled, soft drink and catering products from mid-February.

The business with the council consists of deliveries to all kitchen and home economic departments in schools, as well as care homes, parks and other council managed establishments.

Steve Irons, senior contracts manager for BBF is thrilled with the decision. “This win, taking over from 3663, will see BBF managing the foodservice requirements of fifty different accounts and demonstrates that BBF can deliver sector leading service, within specified budgets, across a wide range of product categories.”

Norman Catto from Midlothian Council was also pleased with the new arrangement. “BBF understood both the tender and our needs as a local authority. Pricing will always be a key consideration in the process; however as a council we were impressed by the professionalism and willingness that BBF demonstrated to work as a partner, rather than just a supplier. I am sure the partnership will provide us with enhanced service levels.”

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