8 tips for choosing the right promotion

the perfect promotion

Our March issue of Better Wholesaling focusses on promotional strategies and how to create the right deals for your customers.

Here are 8 tips from suppliers for choosing the perfect promotion.

1. Offer the real deal:

Online shopping allows consumers to compare offerings. If you’re going to run a deal, make sure it’s the real thing.

2. Get the balance right:

Balance internal, buying group and supplier promotions carefully to avoid negating existing deals and confusing shoppers.

3. Don’t race to the bottom:

Look carefully at price points and volumes sold, to discover what the potential ‘sweet spots’ could be for your pricing strategy.

4. Be seen:

A good promotion is no good if no one sees it – good point-of-sale material and signage help to interrupt ‘top up’ shopping missions.

5. Back it with investment:

Successful promotions need backing but not just financially – suppliers must invest time and resources in-depot.

6. Measure success:

Track how well promotions have performed at wholesale and at customer level.

7. Go multi-channel:

Reinforce your promotions on social media and hold sampling events.

8. Don’t forget the basics:

Make sure that availability and the overall shopping experience are seamless.

Read the viewpoints from top retailers, wholesalers and suppliers.


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