7 ways to grow Christmas sales

    christmas wholesale

    Christmas comes but once a year so wholesalers must act now to secure a strong share of the festive market.

    Here are seven ways to grow Christmas sales:

    1. Review the previous year

    What went well, what didn’t, which suppliers let you down and which excelled. Start planning and speaking with manufacturers and customers.

    2. Get a fast start

    Display is key and if you expect customers to start their festive displays in September, wholesalers need to start in August at the very latest.

    3. Know the festive-must stocks

    Did you know that salad cream and toilet roll are best sellers for some retailers around the festive period? Speak to customers about what they need.

    4. Festive foodservice

    Caterers’ customers are looking for something different to your ordinary mince pies. Think of ways to up-sell traditional classics like hot chocolate.

    5. Staffing levels

    Anticipate that you may get a higher-than-usual level of off-sick calls and holiday requests around the festive period. How can you incentivise workers to do a festive shift?

    6. Find new ground

    Convenience retailers can’t always compete head-on with the multiples on pricing. Find new categories to help them to stand out, like 35cl spirits and unique gifting ideas. 

    7. Entertainment 

    How can retail customers capitalise on entertainment, particularly as bringing new releases to local level offers shoppers the ultimate in convenience?

    Download the full feature, which includes viewpoints from retailers and industry figures, as well as key stats and case studies.


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